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André Olivier completed a B.Comm Law degree at the University of the Orange Free State in 1983, where after he joined the corporate world as Finance and Administration Manager at Barlows Appliance Company, a division of the Barlow Rand Group. In 1990 he was appointed as Group Operations Manager, on a national basis.


In the beginning of 1993 he joined FMA, an independent financial services organisation, which specialises in investment and financing advice to non-tax and government institutions. As the Financial Director of IFG Africa Public Sector (Pty) Ltd an Investment Consultancy Company, emanated from FMA, he has been involved with a large number of non-tax and Government institutions since 1993. In conjunction with various asset managers IFG developed a unique structure for cash management within the non-tax arena since 2000. This product is currently extremely successful.


André has successfully concluded several major investment transactions with non-tax institutions and Local Government totalling more than R10 billion during his term of involvement in the last 20 years. He recently initiated refunding models for municipalities with emphasis on upgrading of infrastructure for example sewerage works in the Southern Cape. He is consulting on Investment Portfolios of municipalities and other non-tax institutions which includes the whole spectrum from money market, cash management and long term reserve funds according to the criteria of the Investment Policy Statement and legislation of the various sectors.


He’s well recognised as an expert in the municipal market as well as the non-tax arena regarding funding and investments and has addressed numerous conferences from regional to national level on the above. The portfolios André currently manage has performed well above the benchmark over a 3 year period and longer.

2010 - present

2010 - present


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