IFG Africa strives to create security, wealth and opportunity for clients, partners and staff by offering appropriate financial products and services in a moral, ethical and transparent manner in various specialised areas.

  • That our clients will perceive us as strong and innovative in product development.

  • That we will be recognised as pro-active, transparent and independent in securing and retaining business.

  • That our pride in performance is associated with a high standard of ethics.

  • That we will create a level of service that earns the respect of our clients.

  • That the future is secured by the ability of our employees and the satisfaction of our clients.

  • We will service our clients in a respectful, knowledgeable, focused and constantly value adding manner.

  • To reach out to all segments of society in a process of continuous learning - educating ourselves and our clients in finding ideal solutions to their particular financial needs, risks and challenges.

  • To meet the expectations of our customers by continually developing and providing financial solutions that satisfy the unique situation of each client according to their needs.

  • We believe that IFG Africa should not be judged by the speed of our growth or the size of the group, but primarily by the quality of our operation and the quality of our relationship with our clients.

  • Tolerance, respect for diversity and human dignity.

  • Loyalty and trust towards colleagues and clients.



CONTACT US: 012-460-2828​

FSB Registration - 10899