IFG Africa brings our vision firmly into focus as one of the leading Asset & Investment Consulting Companies in South Africa.


Our Manage

They bring a diversified and comprehensive array of shareholders which truly advances the cause of black economic empowerment through various elements in society. We believe that IFG Africa brings one of the foremost black empowerment partnerships yet achieved within the Financial Services Industry and we are proud to be associated with these new partners.


With the change to IFG Africa we have seen the departure of Peter Vundla as Chairperson. He has concluded that his mission has been accomplished at IFG Africa and we will remain eternally grateful and appreciative for the leadership and guidance of a man of his stature. In turn we welcome Letepe Maisela who takes over as Chairperson. He has a distinguished background and is a worthy successor and we welcome his hand on the tiller as IFG Africa advances into a new and exciting era.


We will certainly retain our strong focus on building assets under management, increasing annuity income, adding quality specialist people and producing innovative new products all in search of profitability which secures employee, shareholder and stakeholder satisfaction. We believe that our clients will be the ultimate beneficiaries of this successful scenario.




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